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One Stop Shop for Identification Solutions for Cultivation

When you seek out the supplies for your business, it is always a bonus to consolidate and get most of your needs from one place. One call, One Email, One payment, One Source. Not only does that save you time and money, but it also saves you the hassle. The quicker you can stop thinking about your supply order and get back to doing what you do best, the better. Here at Specialty Tag & Label, Inc. we strive to provide identification solutions in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and options so you can get all of your tags, labels, signs and stakes from one place. Your printable tags, labels and signs cab all be on one convenient order. Your sold tags and flagging tape, and don’t forget your ribbon – all easily added on to save you time and money. Be sure to check out our entire catalog and see just how many different items we have that you might be getting from somewhere else. Let Specialty Tag & Label, Inc. streamline your supply order so you can have a one stop shopping experience and get back to growing your beautiful plants!

Modern businesses thrive with more data and smart decisions are made based on last year’s, last month’s, and even last week’s numbers.  Looking back is the best way to look forward to forecast supply needs, labor costs, inventory on hand, and all the essential components to running a successful business.  Cultivation businesses are no different.  Without knowing your inventory on hand, it is difficult to grow your business – or at least know you are indeed growing.  Knowing starts with the task of identifying you inventory.  With a thermal printer and some tags, this task can be fairly simple.  Each variety can be printed with a unique QR code or barcode to set it apart from the other varieties in your inventory.  Once each plant or flat is tagged, you can begin the process of scanning the tags to tally the quantity of each variety or strain.  Using this system of printing a 2D or 3D barcode and then scanning them with inventory software, you can eliminate human error and reduce hours of labor costs spent on audits, cycle counts and data entry.  More importantly, you will get a handle on what you have and what you need.  The ROI results are tangible and you will see the reports you need with the data you are looking for to make the best decisions for your business.  It all starts with a call to Specialty Tag & Label to begin the conversation to find the right solution for your grow.

Upgrade your data collection by upgrading your identification solution with Specialty Tag & Label, inc.