Specialty Tag & Label, Inc.
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Support Work Bench

We have trained technicians available to service your TEC, TXP, Stealth, and Onsyte thermal printers.  We take pride in servicing your printer whether it needs a standard clean up or a print head installation.

Do you need a Printer Clean Up?

  • Clean Up Price $149.99
  • Shipping Guidelines when sending in your printer for cleanup (see text box below)
  • Clean Up Request Form (to create an RMA) (Need Printer Info/Serial Number, Issue)
  • Other Services (Install a Printhead, Part Replacement, Printer Diagnostics)

Shipping Guidelines:

Send your Printer/Printers to Specialty Tag using the following guidelines:


    • Contact Specialty Tag & Label, Inc. at 1-800-475-2040 and obtain an RMA number for your Clean up or Repair.
    • Remove the front extension plate from your printer if applicable.
    • Ship your printer with the print head in the up or disengaged position.
    • Ship only your printer.  Do not ship accessories such as ribbon, tags, or power cable.    We will not be responsible for these items.
    • Carefully pack your printer in a proper printer carton using Styrofoam inserts.  These inserts can be purchased if you did not keep them from your original purchase.  Please do not use foam packing peanuts.
    • Clearly write your RMA# on the outside of the box.
    • Send your printer a trackable way with insurance to the following address:

    Specialty Tag & Label, Inc.

    3963 Falcon Parkway

    Flowery Branch, GA30542

Complete Cleaning

  • Inspect Drive Roller surface for cracks & cuts
  • Inspect roller drive belts
  • Inspect and lube outer roller drive bearings (TXP model only)
  • Inspect communication electronics
  • Inspect wiring connections
  • Inspect head open switch
  • Inspect ribbon roller sensor lenses
  • Inspect ribbon path for obstructions
  • Inspect ribbon holder alignment
  • Inspect ribbon saver operation
  • Inspect ribbon error circuit for latest modifications
  • Inspect button panel for broken buttons
  • Inspect label holder, tighten, adjust holder fins, insure proper operation
  • Inspect and clean gap sensor lenses
  • Inspect operation of head engagement mechanism including rear pinch roller
  • Inspect fan motor
  • Inspect overall condition of cover (hinges, handle and window)
  • Inspect rear anchor screw
  • Test print head condition, Adjust print head angles if required