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Global Challenges for 2022

Addressing Global Challenges in 2022

Here at Specialty Tag & Label, Inc. we strive to bring quality products at competitive prices supported with the highest level of service in the business.  Since our inception in 1997, we have shipped orders same day.  Clearly, that concept only works if you have products on the shelf.  In 2022 we will undoubtedly face many obstacles, but we will strive to continue this 25-year long tradition. 

We know on the outset that we will endure supply chain deficiencies, labor shortages, and rising costs of raw materials and shipping.  Yes, that is a lot to overcome, but together, with your help, we rise to meet this challenge and will overcome to have a spectacular 2022! 

How can we be so confident?  Our Loyal Customers and Our Dedicated Team! 

As our loyal customer, you can help us help you by ordering early, and keeping an eye on your supplies to give us time to restock your items.  If you can be flexible on your tag colors or sizes, let us know and we will be happy to provide substitute options. 

Specialty Tag & Label, Inc. has assembled a strong team of passionate people that are committed to our customers.  We are dedicated to providing solutions not excuses.