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Innovative RFID solutions for Hemp

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With hemp quickly becoming the plant of choice for a growing number of farmers in the United States, the challenge for this new industry is figuring out what to do with all of the hemp once it is ready for harvest.  As hemp processors become a key link in the hemp supply chain, the ability to track this regulated product and its biomass output is crucial.  Fortunately, Specialty Tag & Label is able to provide a complete Hemp-iD solution that does just that.  We have partnered with Arbre’ Technologies to provide our customers with Arbre’ Tech’s horticulture specific RFID tracking application.  Hemp processors now have access to an all-inclusive RFID solution which provides inventory tracking, reporting and analytics.

As the harvested hemp comes in from the field, processors are able to weigh each farmer’s harvest, and proceed through the drying process collecting weights and samples as they go.  Inventory is tracked using RFID technology and the Arbre’ Tech app that employees can load and use on a mobile device.  Once the harvest is ready to separate into biomass, the bags of sellable product are tracked, weights are recorded and reports are produced to provide the processor and their farmers with priceless analytics.  The valuable feedback of wet weight, dry weight, and production weights of flower, seed, stalk and kief are provided using RFID technology, a proprietary software app and integrated scales.

This Hemp-iD system is exactly what a hemp processor needs to remain compliant, and become competitive in the industry.

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