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Replanting Hope, Restoring Hawaii

Replanting Hope, Restoring Hawaii:

Specialty Tag & Label, Inc. Partners with Treecovery Hawaii

Specialty Tag & Label, Inc. Empowers Treecovery Hawaii with Donation of Printer, Tags, and Software for Fire Zone Replantation Efforts

Flowery Branch, GA – May 13, 2024 – Specialty Tag & Label, Inc., a leading provider of horticulture identification solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with Treecovery Hawaii, a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration of fire-ravaged landscapes in Hawaii. Through a generous donation, Specialty Tag & Label, TSC Printers, and Bartender, Seagull have provided Treecovery Hawaii with a state-of-the-art printer, specialized tags, and cutting-edge software to support their crucial replantation efforts.

The recent wildfires in Hawaii have devastated vast areas of natural habitat, posing a significant threat to the delicate ecosystem and biodiversity of the region. In response to this environmental crisis, Treecovery Hawaii has been tirelessly working to replant native vegetation, restore habitats, and rejuvenate the landscape.

Recognizing the importance of Treecovery Hawaii’s mission, Specialty Tag & Label and suppliers stepped forward to offer practical support. The donation includes a high-quality printer from TSC Printers, capable of printing waterproof, weatherproof, and durable tags essential for identifying trees, plants, and other vegetation during the replantation process. Specialty Tag & Label has provided 40,000 tags and enough thermal ribbons for the organization to print the specific variety, date it was planted, and the owner of that plant. Each tag is durable, weatherproof, and will hold up for years in the unique environmental conditions of Hawaii, ensuring longevity and effectiveness in the field. Complementing these resources, cutting-edge software has been supplied from Bartender, Seagull Scientific, for the organization to design the tag’s layout and streamline data management, tracking, and reporting, enhancing efficiency and accuracy throughout the replantation efforts.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Treecovery Hawaii in their replanting efforts,” said Mary Landry, General Manager. “At Specialty Tag & Label, we are privileged to have this opportunity to leverage our expertise and resources to support organizations in need, especially where such a devastating environmental crisis has occurred. By equipping Treecovery Hawaii with the necessary tools and technology, we aim to facilitate their efforts in restoring Hawaii’s natural beauty and preserving its unique ecosystem for generations to come.”

Treecovery Hawaii has expressed profound gratitude to Specialty Tag & Label and partners for their generous donation. The support from Specialty Tag & Label is invaluable to their mission of replanting and restoring Hawaii’s fire-affected areas. With this contribution of a printer, tags, and software, they can significantly enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out the replantation efforts. Specialty Tag is grateful to TSC Printers and Bartender, Seagull Scientific for their parts in this donation. “Each component is needed to make for a successful solution, and the way these companies stepped up and made this complete packaged solution happen goes to show that we truly work with the best partners in the industry,” said Mary Landry. “Together, we are making a tangible difference in the restoration of Hawaii’s precious natural landscapes, and that just makes everyone feel good and have hope.”

Specialty Tag & Label and Treecovery Hawaii invite individuals and organizations passionate about environmental conservation to join the cause and support the ongoing replantation efforts. By working together, we can make a meaningful impact in preserving and protecting Hawaii’s biodiversity and natural heritage.

For more information about Specialty Tag & Label, please visit www.SpecialtyTag.com For more information about Treecovery Hawaii, please visit www.treecoveryhawaii.org For media inquiries, please contact: Mary Landry, General Manager Mary@SpecialtyTag.com 1-800-475-2040